in Cisco called as aggregate link, or NStreame in Mikrotik wireless

Can be used as double speed link or fail-over link between Mikrotik router.

Install Lucid server edition on vmware machine to minimized the installation space

Install the Desktop Manager, you can choose lxde, xfce, kde, or gnome.

Install Cairo-dock

Configure the desktop

Install all needed packages

Add deb /karmic to install remastersys

$sudo remastersys dist cdfs #to make system distribution livecd/installer

$sudo remastersys backup cdfs #to make system backup livecd/installer

$sudo remastersys dist iso image.iso to make the burnable .iso file in /home/remastersys/remastersys/ directory

copy your new .iso file

$sudo remastersys clean #to rmeove all remastersys temporary files

Mikrotik RB1000 is a new generation special designed for a big capacity router. (more…)

Some time we need a NTP-Server to synchronized local clock,after reboot. Mikrotik can do this job, but not recommended for a Routerboard. (more…)