Make sure you are using RJ12 and not RJ11 ends. (The difference being 6 brass tabs instead of 4) RJ11’s are physically the same size as RJ12’s but will not work.

pin 1 white / orange (GPS sync)
pin 2 white / green (Serial Tx 9600)
pin 3 white / blue (Serial Rx 9600)
ping 4 green (Default Jumper)
pin 5 blue (Audio /GPS Power sync)
pin 6 orange (Ground)

This override plug resets the LAN 1 IP address to The plug allows the operator to access the module through the default configuration without changing the configuration. The operator can then view and reset any non-default values.

To fabricate an override plug:

1. Install an RJ-12 6-pin connector onto a 6-inch length of CAT 5 cable.
2. Pin out all 6-pins.
3. Short (solder or twist together) Pins 4 and 6 on the other end. Do not connect any other wires to anything. The result should be as follows:

Pin 1 → white / orange ← Pin 1
Pin 2 → white / green ← Pin 2
Pin 3 → white / blue ← Pin 3
Pin 4 → green ← Pin 6
Pin 5 → blue ← Pin 5
Pin 6 → orange← Pin 4

The operator can regain access to the module as follows:

1. Insert override plug into the RJ-12 GPS sync port of the module.
2. Apply power to the module through the Ethernet cable.
RESULT: The module reboots with the default IP address of, username=root, password fields blank, and all other configuration values as previously set.
3. Set passwords as desired.
4. Change configuration values if desired.
5. Save the settings.
6. Remove the override plug.
7. Power cycle the module.

Updated :

Getting RJ12:
-The RJ12 is very rare, i cant find it at electronics store or computer shop.
-Modifying rj11 does not work.
-We can modify the RJ45 into the RJ12 by scraping the edge, but the 1st and the last pin is not used.

pin 1 white / orange (not used)
pin 2 orange (GPS sync)
pin 3 white / green (Serial Tx 9600)
pin 4 blue (Serial Rx 9600)
ping 5 white / blue (Default Jumper)
pin 6 green (Audio /GPS Power sync)
pin 7 white / brown (Ground)
pin 8 brown (not used)